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What can...

Getting What We Need at PJTC  

    Our community is guided by the Jewish value of inclusion and recognizes that we are made richer by the participation of all who wish to worship, study or develop cultural or social ties to Judaism. 
    With this in mind, we continue to identify physical and cultural barriers and implement changes to expand opportunities for all. This is an ongoing process that benefits from...Read more...

Celebrate by Hosting an Oneg

Celebrate with Your PJTC Community

by Hosting an Oneg



August 29 Board Report

August Board Report

During its August 29 board meeting, the following committee chair appointments were announced: (1) Bryan and Marina Jick as co-chairs of the Guardians Committee; and (2) Todd Levine as chair of the Facilities Committee. Sharp introduced and explained the job responsibilities of two existing, integral staff members, namely, bookkeeper Lisa Lam and Operations Manager Theresa Brekan. 


On...

Member Recognition Corner - August

Your fellow PJTC congregants wish to recognize:

Carl Selkin, Judy Callahan and Ricki Lane for leading wonderful High Holy Days workshops as part of our August 28 Sunday Center programming.  Faith Segal, Sandy Hartford and the Gala Committee for the wonderful celebration on August 21. Mazal tov to the Whitman Family on their honor. Michele Browning for handling the Oneg Shabbat on behalf of Sisterhood on July 22 (Friday). Anna...Read more...

Bat Mitzvah of Allegra Wright

Allegra Wright, daughter of Jill Gold Wright and Patrick Wright, will be called to the Torah as a Bat Mitzvah on September 10. 

Allegra is a seventh grader at Huntington Middle School.  She is involved in the Gardening Club and Choir. This year she is in the Concert Choir, which is usually reserved for eighth graders, and is taking two Honors classes.

In her spare time, Allegra runs her own music YouTube...Read more...


Sunday Sept. 18:  PJTC Campus Clean-Up; Volunteers Needed
Contact Stu Miller at; Refreshments available. Save the Date, Sunday Nov. 13:  Veterans Day Program at PJTC
And, please renew your membership for this year, 2022-23 at Read more...

Men's Club - September

During the past month the Men's Club has been active in our annual membership drive and putting the final touches on several upcoming event plans.

We are glad to tell you that our membership drive is proceeding quite well and we have signed up several new members, but we need all of our existing members to renew their memberships to make this year really successful. So, if you haven't already joined or renewed your Men's Club...Read more...

Friends in Deed - Doing Together What We Cannot Do Alone

Friends in Deed (FID) is an interfaith organization that provides supportive services to meet basic human needs so our homeless and at-risk neighbors can rebuild their lives.

Your PJTC Sisterhood continues to support our chosen Tzedakah project – Friends in Deed Women’s Room. Sisterhood provides once a month luncheon delivery (on the third Thursday of the month) for approximately 25 homeless women. Our members participate by...Read more...

TORAH FUND -  September

By Bobbi Sloan, VP Torah Fund

We are beginning our 2022-2023 Torah Fund campaign. Letters will be sent out to the congregation asking for your contributions. These letters include a pledge card and an envelope to mail your donations. Last year’s generosity enabled us to exceed our goal. Let’s do it again! 

This year’s theme is...

Things We Collect:

By Edie Taylor

We will have two boxes in the Workroom marked as follows:

One for used eye glasses, cases, sun glasses.  We will collect them and one of our members will occasionally deliver then to her optometrist.  These used eye glasses will be shipped to third-world countries, where they can be used to help those in great need of vision help.

The second box will be used to collect small toiletries,...Read more...

Social Justice Committee - September

by: Carl Selkin, co-Chair

Remember to mark your calendars for Ballots and Bagels—or is it Bagels and Ballots (depends on your priorities). September 11 at 10 a.m. in the Social Hall (requesting a $7.50 contribution to offset costs). See the flier for details. Robbie Davis of the League of Women voters presents their well-researched non-partisan analyses of statewide ballot...Read more...

Sisterhood Connects With College Students

Do you have a son or daughter off to college, away from home for the first time? The mission of Sisterhood’s College Outreach Program is to keep our young people in touch with our PJTC community as well as encourage them to observe and enjoy the Jewish holidays across the miles.

We are seeking the names and contact information of new students going away to college for the first time this fall. Students who are either freshmen or...Read more...

Stay in Touch with Your Sisterhood!

Each and every Tuesday, Sisterhood Publicity Chair Jane Hirschkowitz blasts out an informative email to all Sisterhood members including announcements of upcoming activities and programming.  If you are a Sisterhood member and not receiving the weekly email, please contact Jane at  Stay in touch.  Stay informed.


Get the Sisterhood Scoop! - September

By  Nancy Carlton, Sisterhood President 2022-23

Our membership drive is in full swing, and I hope you have considered supporting Sisterhood by renewing your membership or joining as a new member.

Kol Yisrael Arevim Zeh Bazeh

We Are Here for Each Other

Membership matters – we are stronger...


What is a Morning Meeting?

As the Jewish New Year is around the corner, LBSRS is gearing up for our own new school year which began on Sunday, August 28! In addition to our usual excitement, we are thrilled to tell you we have a brand-new part of LBSRS that YOU are invited to join!

It’s been a goal to create an opportunity for our entire student body (pre-Kindergarten through 7th grade) to get together during a...Read more...

Interfaith Study Group - September 11 

Engagement Corner - August

Dear PJTC Family,

I can't believe it's already time to prepare for the High Holy Days! The office is abuzz and I can't wait to share some of the new programming we'll be having, while also bringing back old favorites. Here's a snapshot of what you can look forward to:


Shema Circles: monthly discussion groups, each comprised of 8-10 people, starting during Elul but running September-May. If you want a space to...Read more...

Torah Discussion Starter: August 2022

This month’s Torah portions commence the beginning of the end. We begin Devarim (also known as Deuteronomy), the fifth and final book of the Torah, with its namesake parasha, and continue with Vaetchanan, Eikev, and Re’eh. Most of Devarim is a summary of the journey from Egypt and the lessons learned along the way, but of course, there’s always more to the story. Much of these first four parshaot are Moses speaking to the Israelites in...Read more...

July 28, 2022 Board Report

Strategic Planning Update: Andrea Mark announced that she and her committee will postpone all efforts until Spring of next year due to the financial impact due to the budget situation. Nancy Carlton expressed disappointment about this decision. Stacey thanked Andrea for all of her hard work. Melissa Levy reminded everyone that many efforts/information are still happening, but anything financial will be postponed.

Financial Update: Joe...

Men's Club - August

by Jack Singer, Men's Club President

     As we entered July the Men’s Club kicked off it’s annual membership renewal and new member signup period. We encourage all of our current members to renew their membership and welcome all other PJTC congregants to join us to help continue the Men’s Club support for our Jewish youth activites. In addition, we started...Read more...

Sunday Center

Shema Circle

PJTC is starting a new monthly opportunity for small group connection and learning! "Shema" comes from the Hebrew root "to listen." 

When you sign up for Shema Circles, you are making a September-May monthly commitment to a special group of 8-10 congregants. You'll spend the academic year learning, sharing,...Read more...

Sisterhood Scoop - August

By Nancy Carlton

Sisterhood begins its 2022-23 year under amazing, dedicated and strong leadership with a fresh vision and new goals.  We have an active and committed Sisterhood board and committee chairs who need your help and support to guarantee the success of Sisterhood programming.  Become a dues paying member.....become connected.....become involved.  Watch for announcements of activities and programming in the...Read more...

Sisterhood Rosh Chodesh Elul

Please join us and gather 4:30pm Wednesday August 31st for Rosh Chodesh Elul.  (Please note earlier start time due to our invited speaker being on east coast time.)

We are thrilled to welcome back Rabbi Lisa Goldstein who has been leading us for our weekly Shabbat Jewish mindfulness meditations by zoom for the past two years.  

Her topic for this Elul Rosh Chodesh:

Summer is almost over and it's time...

Bat Mitzvah - August

Lillian Igancia Olin


Sisterhood Membership

Kol Yisrael Arevim Zeh Bazeh

We are Here for Each Other


It is Time to Join or Renew Your Annual Sisterhood Membership for 2022-23!



Get the Sisterhood Scoop!

Sisterhood begins its 2022-23 year under amazing, dedicated and strong leadership with a fresh vision and new goals.  We have an active and committed Sisterhood board and committee chairs who need your help and support to guarantee the success of Sisterhood programming.  Become a dues paying member.....become connected.....become involved.  Watch for announcements of activities and programming in the Flame, weekly synagogue...Read more...

Interfaith Study Group - August

    Since it’s founding PJTC  has been a key member of the Interfaith study group comprising PJTC, Pasadena’s All Saints Church and the Islamic Center of Southern California. 
   The outgoing chair, PJTC member Carol Rader-Meislin, is relocating out of state. While rotating chair responsibilities now rest with John Hyde of All Saints, the ISG is seeking to enhance the programming committee with...Read more...

In the Community

Did you know?

Pasadena has a Convalescent Aid Society which lends

out Medical Equipment for in-home use.

by Edie Taylor


    Equipment is available on loan to people of all ages who live within the San Gabriel Valley and who are in need of medical equipment. There is no charge or time...Read more...

Member Recognition Corner - July

Your fellow PJTC congregants wish to recognize:


Jan Pais for handling the Oneg Shabbat on behalf of Sisterhood on July 1 (Friday). Aty Rotter for handling the Oneg Shabbat on behalf of Sisterhood on July 8 (Friday). Andrea Kelly and Louise Wannier for handling the Oneg Shabbat on behalf of Sisterhood on July 15 (Friday). The new HAZAK Planning Committee on their successful event on July 24: Carol Sofer, Ruth Kaye, Ira...Read more...
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