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The Interfaith Study Group was founded in 2007 as a joint, unifying effort by All Saints Church, the Islamic Center of Southern California, and the Pasadena Jewish Temple and Center to learn and appreciate the commonalities and differences between our religious faiths.

The steering committee members plan an 8-part annual speaker series with the goal of providing our community with a better understanding and appreciation or our unique faiths, beliefs and sacred traditions. ISG meets for presentations and moderated conversations with each speaker from 5:00 – 7:00 pm on the second Sunday of each month, between September and June. When we are able to meet in person, events are held at one of the 3 religious institutions and attendees share a delicious pot-luck vegetarian meal together. When that is not possible, virtual meeting alternatives are arranged.
ISG is committed to respectful and balanced engagement and meetings are opened to all.

For further information about joining the steering committee, attending an Interfaith Study Group meeting or helping the Interfaith Study Group in any way, please contact Carol Rader-Meislin at



"Next Generation" Panel Discussion - April 10, 2022 - Click to join

PJTC is a 501c3 organization whose congregants believe in a breadth of views and that the sharing of diverse ideas makes for a vibrant Jewish community.  Views expressed by invited speakers may not necessarily reflect the views of PJTC or its members.

Being Muslim In My America



John Hyde

Jane El Farra –
Member of the Islamic Center of Southern California

Fri, December 9 2022 15 Kislev 5783