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Green Committee

The Green Committee promotes environmental stewardship at the synagogue, among our PJTC community, and in the wider world through education, action, and advocacy. In this work, we are guided by Jewish value of Shomrei Adamah that direct us to preserve and protect the earth and care for all its creatures. Climate Change is occurring due to human activity with consequences for everyone, including the millions of creatures that we share the planet with. In particular, the most disadvantaged populations will suffer the most.

Our vision embraces a positive synagogue-wide response to our planet’s climate and environmental challenges. We imagine a PJTC community where the values of Tikkun Olam are manifest on a daily basis. Through our efforts, we can help sustain a healthy planet from generation to generation. Taking care of the planet, means taking care of each other as well.

The PJTC Green Committee has recently restarted after a several year pause, and we are looking for new members. Please contact Alison Linder at to participate. We will be measuring the PJTC footprint, so we can prioritize our greening efforts, working with the PJTC facilities team to reduce our resource consumption, leading congregational opportunities to learn and contribute, and engaging with the broader environmental community.

In line with our values, PJTC has installed solar panels on the roof, which have reduced our energy costs and cover a percentage of our energy demand. We are investigating options to use reusable dishes at functions involving food. Join this committee to help determine where we go next!

Wed, May 29 2024 21 Iyyar 5784