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How To Join

The PJTC Sisterhood is affiliated with the Pacific Southwest Brand of the Women’s League for Conservative Judaism, whose goal is the perpetuation of traditional Judaism in the home, the synagogue and the community. 


  • A community of women joined together to do more than each could alone.
  • A home for strengthening faith, learning its precepts, and establishing a meaningful Jewish lifestyle.
  • A gathering of women with concerns about their environment, their community, their country and their people — all seeking to make the world better than they found it.
  • An opportunity to find a purpose behind the here and now; to find meaning in something greater than ourselves.
  • A place for the special bonding of women who share friendships, who understand and appreciate each other and the work of their hands, minds, and spirits.
  • The heart of a congregation, filled with love, warmth, courage and strength.
  • A committed benefactor of PJTC, fundraising and volunteering in support of PJTC’s community and programs.

If you are not already a member of sisterhood – we invite you to join!

We encourage every synagogue member, young and old, to join us. Please click here to contact us about Sisterhood membership.  Click here for the membership/renewal form. (You can download or print the PDF to fill it out.)  Click here to read a letter from Sisterhood about membership and renewal options.

Tue, June 6 2023 17 Sivan 5783