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Rabbi Maurice T. Galpert Scholarship Application Guidelines

To apply to the Rabbi Maurice T. Galpert Scholarship please submit the following information to the committee chair by the stated deadline.

The following materials are required as a minimum:

1) A biographical resume describing your background, your past achievements, your academic plans and goals.

The biography has no page limit.  The committee wants to learn who you are. You may want to cite:

  • What schools you have attended
  • Any academic awards and recognition that you have received
  • Work experience including volunteer work
  • Participation in athletics, bands, orchestras, theatre, clubs, etc.
  • Interests and hobbies (woodworking, sewing, cooking, chess, reading, fishing, hiking, etc.)
  • Creative accomplishments (e.g. you have written a book, you play a musical instrument)
  • Academic status and goals (majors, degrees, specific projects you may be undertaking)
  • Career goals (what do you want to accomplish in life)

Please be specific regarding whether you are currently enrolled in school, have made application to specific schools, or have already been admitted to a school but have not yet enrolled.

2) Two letters of recommendation from persons who are able to attest to your scholarly capabilities.

The letters of recommendation should be sent directly from the author to the Selection Committee chair.  A letter accompany the biography submitted to the Committee listing the persons who have been asked to write letters on your behalf. If you want acknowledgement from the Committee when letters are received, you can include self addressed postcards that will be sent to you upon receipt of the letters. You are also always free to call the Selection Committee chair to inquire regarding the status of your application. For advice regarding Letters of Recommendation, click here.

3) Academic grade records (transcript).

Academic grade records should be sealed originals sent directly by the academic institution(s) to the Selection Committee chair.  If you are in graduate school, please send both undergraduate and graduate records. You do not need to mail copies to each member of the committee, just one is fine. 

4) Two letters of recommendation attesting to the personal and academic excellence of the applicant.

Please click here for more information of letters of recommendation. 

Please send your completed application and sealed transcripts to a Galpert Scholarship Committee Chair:

Janice Pais
2246 Lambert Drive
Pasadena, CA 91107


Debby Singer
950 Coronado Drive
Arcadia, CA 91007

Sun, February 25 2024 16 Adar I 5784