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October Men's Club Updates

By Jack Singer, President

September kicked off with the start of our NFL Football Pool challenge as the NFL season began early in the month. If you haven’t bought your tickets for this year, you can by contacting Erich Schlecht and letting him know you want to buy them, or you can automatically get tickets by becoming a member of the Men’s Club at the Silver, Gold or Platinum level.

I am also very happy to let you know that our Men’s Club and Sisterhood sponsored “Campus Beautification Day” held on September 18th was a great success. I want to thank everyone who signed in and volunteered their time and energy in making this not only a hugely worthwhile event but also a lot of fun. We had put together a list of about 30 specific tasks that we wanted to accomplish with the help of Mike Kronsburg, Melissa Levy, Alex Beck and Stu Miller, and we completed 24 of those, or 80%. I want to especially thank the following Sisterhood members, Nancy Carlton, Aty Rotter, Sue Hogan, Barbara Levinson, and Stacy Miller, who worked tirelessly the whole day to get the main kitchen cleaned up; also Elliot Mazur and the following Men’s Club members, Bob Aronoff, Phil Callahan, Ed Honowitz, Lou Friedman, Raul Martinez, Stu Miller, Josh Pais, Steve Roth, Stacey Sharp, David Snyder and Victor Zlotnicki , who repaired and painted the retaining wall in front of Wolhmann Hall, repaired the tile walkway in front of Knell Chapel and started the repair of the backboard wall in Cindy’s Playground; also Jesse Duker and Jacob Kanner, who painted the benches that sit in front of the main building entrance and for pitching in where ever else they were needed. And I am listing below all the names of the other folks who volunteered their time to help accomplish as much as we did and give them a huge THANK YOU! Sarina Aoyama, Ruby Bernstein, Leonid Berzen, Carson and David Browning, Judy Callahan, Mabel Martinez, Ellen Pais, Maia Rosenbaum, Lee Russell , Sebastian Mark, Jude and Sawyer Pollard, Andrew Schwartz, Carl Selkin, Annie and Larry Sharfstein and Dina Zangwill; also Rebecca Russell and the Kitah Vav class, plus all the other LBSRS students who volunteered.

I apologize if I have left any one out of this list, and if I did, please let me know. Since this event was so much more successful than we imagined, we had over 50 volunteers sign in, we will be scheduling another cleanup day to finish the remaining tasks on our list soon.

Finally, I want to mention that the Men’s Club will be holding a Bagel Breakfast at 9:30 AM on October 23rd. with our special guest speaker, Larry Stewart, a long-time local sportswriter, who will be talking about his personal background and his great career as a columnist for the old Herald Examiner and the Los Angeles Times. We will be providing a flyer for this event shortly. And in November we will be holding our annual Veterans Day event on Sunday, November 13th. More information on that to follow soon.


1st week: Jesse Duker, Bud Slotky, Karen Linstone
2nd week: Ira Blitz, Jason Moss
3rd week: Jesse Duker, Bud Slotky, Karen Linstone
4th week: Janice Pais

Fri, December 9 2022 15 Kislev 5783