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July 28, 2022 Board Report

Strategic Planning Update: Andrea Mark announced that she and her committee will postpone all efforts until Spring of next year due to the financial impact due to the budget situation. Nancy Carlton expressed disappointment about this decision. Stacey thanked Andrea for all of her hard work. Melissa Levy reminded everyone that many efforts/information are still happening, but anything financial will be postponed.

Financial Update: Joe Johnson explained that he was unable to complete a financial report due to some questions, he was not able to get answers/understanding. He will prepare for next month's meeting. He did report that PJTC cash flow has significantly improved. Collections have exceeded expectations. This was thanks to huge efforts by Beryl, bookkeeper and staff's hard work. He also stressed that we are now in a better position to be current on all bills.

The L'Dor v Dor Board authorized a contribution to the budget of $75,000 for this year’s budget. It was authorized in principal but we will not take it until needed. After questioning if ACH debit system was fixed, it was confirmed that it is fixed and immediate. It was also announced that we are cautiously optimistic with the state of things. We are definitely in a better spot, but not through everything but certainly a much better message than the last few months. Nancy C. reiterated the importance of being very careful with finances and that we should see monthly reports.

There is also a push for membership payments, especially in regard to High Holiday tickets. We need to monitor who needs financial assistance but not deny access. Cathy Krasner is heading the Special Dues Committee so there will be clear information of financial needs from families and a system for assistance.

Beryl brought up the fire alarm system quote, and there were some questions by Phil Callahan and Nancy Carlton that still needed answers on. Thanks to Dave Browning and Todd Levine for assistance with those questions and answers, and we will bring those up at the next board meeting. Dave Browning explained fire codes and requirements and that he is closely monitoring and assisting in this process.

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