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Bat Mitzvah - August

Lillian Igancia Olin

Lillian Igancia Olin, daughter of Karen and Charles, and older sister to Dahlia and Owen, will be called to the Torah on August 27; she and her family joined the PJTC community last summer. This fall, she’ll be entering the 8th Grade at Burbank Middle School in Highland Park. Lillian has a heart of pure rock ‘n roll, loves playing her guitar and bass with her middle school band while also sharing the stage at times with her favorite band from Austin, TX. She enjoys playing basketball, volleyball, swimming and softball at her beloved Highland Park Rec Center. She is devoted to her family, which includes teasing younger siblings on occasion (very much a sport indeed!) Lillian is also a very loyal friend and member of the community, opening up her heart and home to all creatures and walks of life – and cannot walk anywhere without knowing someone along the way!

Mon, March 4 2024 24 Adar I 5784