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Zikhrono Livrakha, May their Memory be a Blessing

This month's parsha speaks of anger and death. The death of Miriam in Parashat Chukat, is followed immediately by outrage and anger of the people who are without water, leading to a rebellion against Moses and Aaron. Moses and Aaron, in efforts to calm the rebellion, beseech G-d for help. The anger that motivates their actions results in their punishment of not being able to enter the promised land, and Aaron's impending death. The parsha teaches us to address our own emotions towards death and mortality, and find ways to comfort ourselves. Despite the finality of physical death, we are obligated to recognize the heritage that each person leaves behind. Death is an important (and inevitable) part of life, and is a topic that we must address amongst ourselves from time to time. 

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Sun, March 26 2023 4 Nisan 5783