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The Social Justice Committee : April

The Social Justice Committee through the Pasadena-PJTC Welcome Circle has continued to provide support for the successful resettlement of the Afghan Refugee family.  Both parents are now attending ESL classes daily at PCC and the two young girls are at PCC preschool. Enrolling the family in health insurance under Medi-Cal is well along, as is the identification and enrollment n a clinic providing the full spectrum of medical and dental  services. They now have a bank account and access to government resources, EBT, etc. Enrollment in other services is ongoing, as is locating employment counselling, training and connections with prospective employers.

We have facilitated connections with the local mosques and various services available to them as Ramadan approaches. Their network of social and other contacts is developing quickly.

The SJC has represented its commitment to issues of concern through appearances before various Pasadena committees and commissions. Working within the affordable housing coalition, our leadership has provided input on the city’s submission of its Housing Elements and the State has mandated that the city accommodate and respond to the shortcomings we and our partners in the coalition identified. Additionally, we provided input to the planning commission on their excellent progress in revising zoning and related issues that hobble development of affordable housing. We spoke to the needs of the unhoused, those at risk and others, but we also made the case that our economic health depends upon housing for those Pasadena businesses and the community generally depends on. High housing costs drive the workers our economy needs out of town and thus hobbles business growth and sustainability, recruitment of teachers and nurses, etc.

Our climate Justice efforts are focused on Pasadena’s Building electrification ordinance and similar ordinances in Sierra Madre and Glendale. Here again, Pasadena has been making major strides in drafting this ordinance to ensure new buildings and older buildings undergoing retrofit are ready for zero carbon, a goal that we have been advancing with Pasadena Water and Power and Glendale as they recalibrate the source and distribution of electricity.

Our SJC Seder will be offered as one of several under the PJTC community Seder tent.

April 22 Shabbat services will include the rescheduled appearance of the Urban Voices Project and the presentation to Debby Singer of the Rabbi Marvin Gross Social Justice Award. Plan to attend this extraordinary event.

Remember, you are always welcome to participate in the meetings, discussions, and events of the Social Justice Committee. Please contact Carl Selkin at SJCPJTC@GMAIL.COM for information.



Tue, June 28 2022 29 Sivan 5782