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Member Recognition Corner: April 2022

Your fellow PJTC congregants wish to recognize:

  • Haley Karish for her tireless work and successful efforts in heading the mishloach manot Purim gift bags for congregants. It Is a huge undertaking and she was remarkable. Haley demonstrated tremendous leadership as well! Thank you also to those who compiled the goodie bags: Shana Levin, Mena Schmidt, Bernice Aoyama, Aty Rotter, Stacie Sulak, Scott Kuhn, Jan Pais, Kate Karish, Sophie Bilu and Cyrus Garroway.
  • To the 40 Mishloach Manot delivery drivers for bringing Purim cheer to our community:  Claire Gorfinkel, Jana Dickter, Carol Sofer, Adriana Quinn, Stacey Sharp, Jacob Levy, Debbie Guest,  Sean Surfas, Haley Karis, Aviva Zierler, Michele Masjedi, Liana Zangwill, Lauren Black, Shana Levin, Maureen Gelberg, Yihsien Walker, Shelly Magier, Jonah Kanner, Stacie Sulak, Andrea Kelly, Bhavani Mann, Briana Pollard, Sue Hogan, Mady Schleimer, Tammy Silver, Jan Pais, Michele Browning, Aty Rotter, Nancy Goldstein, Rebecca Russell, Jennifer DeBoskey, Sherri Hauer,  Rabbi Aimee Gerace, Sondra Paskach, Beryl Strauss, Hillary Alon, Christina Larson, Emma Yudelevitch
  • Fred Rotenberg and Jack Singer for serving cocktails, and USYers Alexa & Isaac Johnson for serving mocktails at our Purim festivities; Rachel Dietsch & Mena Schmidt,  Erin, Jason & Sofia Manacker and Ariel Harris for serving food at our Purim meal; Michele Browning, Erich Schlecht, Jordana Owens for helping clean up our festivities; Erin & Jason Manacker for coordinating food for our festive Purim meal
  • Thank you to Purim CARnival coordinator Rachel Dietsch and to her army of volunteers including: Rebecca Gaither (and Chase), Jill Spector, Michele and Dave Browning, Sherri Hauer (and Ruby Bernstein), Ethan Masjedi, Rebecca Johnson (and Alexa and Isaac), Aviva Zierler, Judy Balian, Jana Dickter, as well as the LBSRS teacher and madrichim.
  • Diane Burr has worked tirelessly on bringing to light several issues impacting our community from inclusiveness at PJTC to mental health and substance abuse. On her own with little help, she has put together informational panels, town halls special shabbat programs etc.

Missed the opportunity to nominate, and want to add a name to the list next month? This is a new initiative we've begun advertising in your weekly emails. Nominate someone special here. We can't wait to share your gratitude with the community.

Tue, June 28 2022 29 Sivan 5782