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Board Report - March 2022

On February 28, in addition to the regularly-scheduled board meeting, the synagogue held its annual congregation meeting. During the meeting, attendees received informational presentations from the following synagogue officials: 1. Beryl Strauss, Executive Director; 2. Rabbi Aimee Gerace, Education Director; 3. Cantor Ruth Berman Harris; 4. Melissa Levy, Director of Congregational Engagement; 5. Rabbi John Carrier; 6. Sandy Hartford, Centennial Co-Chair; 7. Joseph Johnson, Treasurer; 8. Andrea Mark, VP Planning; and 9. Stacey Sharp, Board President. Following the congregation meeting, during the regular board meeting, the board unanimously approved Michele Browning to be a new board member at large. Andrea Mark provided an update on the Strategic Planning effort, explaining steps taken during the second phase of the effort, including interviewing community members. During the executive session, the board passed a motion amending the synagogue's gifting policy to make clear that Centennial chairpersons have discretion and authority to negotiate the terms of potential financial gifts without the requirement of board approval.

by Joe Widman

Tue, June 28 2022 29 Sivan 5782