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Member Recognition Corner

Your fellow PJTC congregants wish to recognize:

  • Claire Gorfinkel: She is so dedicated and sincere in her reaching out to members such as myself who are disabled and are in need of personal connections. Claire is amazing in her sensitivity and responsiveness.
  • Kristine Garroway for participating in February’s Rosh Chodesh as our guest speaker. Clearly, this was a topic that many of our members and guests found provocative given the large attendance, many more than typically join for our monthly programming. Her program was engaging and sparked some very interesting questions and discussion. Sisterhood cannot thank her enough for bringing us the “Real Housewives of Ancient Israel”
  • Sisterhood’s Rosh Chodesh Co-Chairs Louise Wannier and Carol Sofer for bringing wonderful, engaging, provocative, interesting and sometimes unusual monthly programming.
  • Edeena Gordon for handling sale of mah jongg cards as a fundraiser for Sisterhood.
  • Karen Gross, Ruth Kaye, Barbara Levinson and Debby & Jack Singer for providing the February luncheon to Friends in Deed Women’s Room clients
  • Peter Dreier: Mazal tov on his two books on baseball history coming out in April: "Baseball Rebels: The Players, People, and Social Movements That Shook Up The Game and Changed America" and "Major League Rebels: Baseball's Battles Over Workers' Rights and American Empire."
  • Daniel Olivas: Mazal tov on his new book "How to Date A Flying Mexican: New and Collected Stories."
  • Edie Taylor: She is always there for the temple helping out here and there in a myriad of ways. Considering her age, she's a perennial winner. Other members are winners, too, but Edie get my nod at this moment based on results of her participation and the consistency of results over the years.

Missed the opportunity to nominate, and want to add a name to the list next month? This is a new initiative we've begun advertising in your weekly emails. Nominate someone special here. We can't wait to share your gratitude with the community.

Tue, June 28 2022 29 Sivan 5782