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Member Recognition

Happy new year! Your fellow PJTC congregants wish to recognize:

  • All our wonderful and generous volunteers who, from the start of 2020, have delivered prayer books, groceries, chicken soup, Rosh Hashana and Pesach gifts, and great warmth to other members of our congregation who have been isolated by the pandemic. There are a LOT of you, whether you made one extra effort or your generosity continues to this day. Thank you, each and every one of you. You make our community a better place.
  • Jesse & Leah Duker, Stacy & Stu Miller, Nancy & John Carlton, Carole Grant, Amelia Dreier, Anat & Nadav Bar-Chaim, Stacey & Todd Sharp, Michele Browning and Anne Marie-Otey for generously hosting PJTC's backyard Hanukkah gatherings and creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for your guests.
  • Men's Club for sponsoring the donuts and providing heaters for the Hanukkah Party at PJTC; Jack & Debby Singer for serving donuts and helping with set up for the party
  • Nancy Carlton, Jane Hirschkowitz, Sue Hogan, Andrea Kelly, Aty Rotter and Josephine Zazueta for their preparing 450 latkas and serving guests on behalf of Sisterhood for the December 4 (Saturday) Community Candle Lighting and Hanukkah celebration.
  • Sisterhood’s Corresponding Secretary Andrea Kelly for sending out lovely notes of congratulation and condolence on behalf of Sisterhood.
  • Sisterhood’s Publicity Chair Jane Hirschkowitz for her creative, engaging and informative weekly Sisterhood email blasts.
  • Karen Brown for her design and printing arrangements for Sisterhood’s thank you note cards for donations to the Kitchen Fund.
  • Franci Levine-Grater for participating in Sisterhood’s November Rosh Chodesh program as our featured speaker.
  • Artisan Shuk Committee Members Anna Bruck, Sherri Hauer, Ellen Dinerman, Ellen Pais and Jill Spector for all of their hard work and attention to detail in planning the November 21 Artisan Shuk Holiday Fair. Thank you to all of the volunteers who assisted the day of the Fair to insure that our artisans and guests were well taken care of with greetings of welcome and hospitality - Susan Auerbach, Nancy Carlton, Claire Gorfinkel, Sue Hogan, Andrea Kelly, Stacy Miller, Jan Pais, Meredith Rose, and Aty Rotter and Louise Wannier.
  • Nancy Carlton, Sue Hogan and Aty Rotter for hosting a creative reception of individual cheese & fruit plates on behalf of Sisterhood, following the Jewish Federation Book Festival event on December 7 (Tuesday) evening.
  • Leslie Aiken, Nancy Copeland, Franci Levine-Grater, Barbara Levinson, Aty Rotter, Malina Saval, and Carol Bourland Zorn for providing a wonderful holiday celebration luncheon to Friends in Deed Women’s Room clients. A special thank you to Debby Singer for her role in orchestrating the luncheon on behalf of Sisterhood as well as delivering Sisterhood’s gifts of warm throws.
  • Rochelle Weiss for sending out the monthly yahrzeit notices, reminding those of us who have family members to remember on the right date.

Missed the opportunity to nominate, and want to add a name to the list next month? This is a brand new initiative we've begun advertising in your weekly emails. Nominate someone special here. We can't wait to share your gratitude with the community.



Thu, January 20 2022 18 Shevat 5782