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Sisterhood’s Caring Community Outreach is a Spoonful of Comfort

Why are outreach and care packages important? We like to believe they say something beyond words. It can be hard to articulate how much we care for someone, especially during difficult times. Perhaps they haven't been feeling well, they lost a loved one, or in general have just hit a rough patch in life. In those times, it's so important to know that there is support, care, love, and sunshine around you. Sisterhood created a Caring Community Outreach program so we could help brighten people's days. It's our incredible privilege to help our synagogue family members with homemade chicken soup, challah and a sweet. If you are aware of an individual or family who would benefit from this program, please contact Nancy Carlton or Stacy Ober.

by Nancy Carlton
Sisterhood President

Thu, January 20 2022 18 Shevat 5782