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Men's Club: How Can We Do/Be Better?

The High Holy Days are here and for many of us, as individuals, it’s a time to reconnect with family, get in touch with cultural traditions, attend services for one’s spiritual, emotional and/or social needs (after all, we are a social people) reflect inward, seek forgiveness and strive to do better. But as a group, the PJTC Men’s Club Board constantly asks “How can we do/be better?” For the year 5782, to us it means providing gifts and financial assistance to many of the youth-related organizations we support at the beginning of the Jewish Year (i.e. sooner than later). To this end, we have kicked off the New Year by sponsoring the Kona Ice Truck at the Judaism at home program on the PJTC Campus on August 29. We’ve also just delivered two new pop-up canopies, two new outdoor propane heaters, a propane flat grill and a six-burner barbecue, so that we can all continue to enjoy gathering in outdoor spaces. These items may be used by all PJTC user groups with an emphasis on Men’s Club and youth related groups (LBSRS, USY/Kadima, B’nai Simcha, etc). Additionally we are also donating the first $1,000.00 towards B’nai Simcha’s annual fund raising drive they’re calling “$40,000 in Forty days.”

So what’s our ask of you? Join us at our educational and social programs, participate in our football pool, become a member at and help us help your children, grandchildren, your niece or nephew, and all the Jewish kids in the community, all of whom we will be entrusting with the future.  Check your email, eblasts, The Flame and Social Media platforms for upcoming events. Hope to see you soon.

L’Shana Tovah u’metukah,


By Fred Rotenberg, President, 2021-2022

Wed, October 20 2021 14 Cheshvan 5782