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The Social Justice Committee: 5781 In Review

Elul gave us opportunities to reflect on the issues of most immediate concern to members of SJC. Our survey of member interests highlighted Climate Change, Affordable Housing, Immigration and Voter Suppression as among the areas around which we will create sub-committees, interest groups to organize and present programs for the SJC itself, PJTC and the larger community. Combating the scourges of racism, economic injustice, and the various assaults on progressive and democratic values underlies and motivates us to address these priorities.  The MLK Shabbat and Rabbi Marvin Gross Social Justice Award in January, The HIAS shabbat in early March, and other annual programs remind us all that our actions anchored in our core values are not one-offs but ongoing, necessary responses. The proximate and emerging crises of Afghan refugees and devastating fires around the globe, the politicization of health care exacerbated by responses to Covid-19 require limberness made possible by our mission: β€œTo respond to societal conditions and social issues based on traditional Jewish values and the prophetic admonition:  β€œTzedek, tzedek tirdofe. Justice, justice shall you pursue.”

In the year of 5782, let us each find a path to creating a more just and sustainable world and may our names be renewed in the book of life.                                                                                                                           

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By Carl Selkin, SJC Committee Member

Wed, October 20 2021 14 Cheshvan 5782