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Torah Discussion Starter: August 2021

Are you a rule follower or a rule breaker? Maybe an occasional rule bender? What makes you choose to break a rule?

In this weekend’s Torah portion, Parashat Re’eh, Moses makes the choice very black and white — follow God’s commandments and receive blessings or ignore the rules and suffer curses. However, God gave us two never-ending blessings to set us on the path to abundance: the gift of free will to find the path that is right for each of us, and the gift of the Torah and the lessons within it to help guide us.

As a Jewish people, we have chosen to follow God’s commandments. As Jewish individuals, we interpret the Torah based on our own, unique perspectives, experiences, and circumstances. Re’eh is the Hebrew word for “see.”  And it is up to each of us to open our eyes, see the blessings and curses ahead, and make choices informed by the gifts and guidance given to each of us by God.

Wed, October 20 2021 14 Cheshvan 5782