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Board Report: August 2021

The Board of Directors, which met on July 26, named Nancy Goldstein to serve as VP of Programs. Goldstein is currently a board member-at-large. The board also appointed Phil Callahan to serve as new board member-at-large, succeeding Goldstein.

Board President Stacey Sharp briefed the board on work of the Membership Task Force. Sharp proposed two new kinds of membership, effective next fiscal year (July 1, 2022): (1) virtual membership, for certain groups who only wish to participate in synagogue events remotely; and (2) senior membership, to include a potential discount for older individuals. Following discussion, no motion was made, and the task force will consider the issues raised.

Sharp explained that she, Barbara and Ray Bushnell, and Richard Rosenbaum have developed a proposed policy regarding gifts. Sharp presented the proposed policy, in the form of a five-page document. After discussion, the matter was tabled.

Andrea Mark explained her recent efforts to develop a mission statement for the synagogue, as part of the larger effort to craft a strategic plan. Rabbi Carrier briefly described planning for High Holy Days. Sharp explained efforts by the synagogue to provide comfort to Rabbi Gerace following her recent procedure. Sharp also noted that we have a new staff member, Emily Fischer, Assistant Director of Youth Engagement and Education.

Joseph B. Widman, PJTC Board Secretary

Wed, October 20 2021 14 Cheshvan 5782