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Guide to the High Holy Days 2021

PJTC is excited to provide you with our "Guide to the High Holy Days 2021" - a brochure that outlines our in-person and virtual services schedule, additional programming and activities, and many tips and resources to ensure a very special and enriching High Holy Days season for our members and our larger Jewish community.

You may flip through our digital brochure below (use the back and forward arrows on either side of the brochure) and also use the menu at the top of the digital brochure (appears when you click your mouse on the brochure) to print, download or share the brochure.

The brochure contains hyperlinks to all of the web pages you will need to register, place orders, and find information for the season - as well as for email addresses and page references. Throughout the brochure below, just click on any text that is highlighted when you move your cursor over it to go to the websites and resources described. 

Not that tech savvy? Not to worry! We have a tech tips web page that will help you enhance your experience with virtual services, should you not attend in person. If you need any other technical support with services or this digital guide, feel free to email ( or call us at (626) 798-1161 and we will assist you. 

For additional viewing instructions, scroll down below the digital brochure below.

Should the digital brochure above or the downloaded PDF file show up too small on your screen, try enlarging your internet browser view (MAC = Command "+" / PC = CTRL "+"). You can also use the zoom feature at the bottom of the digital brochure (when you click on the brochure, the menu will appear).

The digital brochure bottom menu also has options for entering "full screen" view (brackets at the bottom right / click "esc" to exit that view once within it), as well as a table of contents and more when you click on the three vertical dots on the bottom right.

To view the downloaded PDF as a booklet, in Acrobat Reader, click on "View" in the application menu bar, select "Page Display" and check off "Two Page View" and "Show Cover Page in Two Page View."

Fri, December 9 2022 15 Kislev 5783