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Welcome to PJTC Membership Registration! We're thrilled you are trying us out. 

Our full fee schedule and explanations of what to expect in year 1, year 2 and year 3 can be found HERE. Already seen that? Continue below! 
Employment Information
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Religious Information
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Hobbies/Interests/Special Talents or Skills
Religious Information
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Please provide contact information for someone outside of your immediate household that we may reach in case of emergency.

Are you or a member of your family interested in participating in any of the following committees or activities? Please check all that apply

The anniversary of the passing of a loved one. 

PJTC uses an online database to communicate, keep track of billing, etc. You can receive your login information and check your account once we've entered you into the system. We'd be very grateful if you could upload a photo of you/your family so we may learn your faces sooner! Other members will also be able to see this photo, but it is password-protected from the general public.
Security Fee
Beginning July 1, 2023, PJTC will assess a security fee for all members ($100/single and $200/family). With the rise in antisemitism, synagogues across the country are adding these fees, separate from dues, to ensure funding is available specifically to keep our community safe. While we were able to avoid adding this fee the past two years due to a Security Grant from the government, those funds have been fully utilized. PJTC’s fee will cover Security Guards at all services, religious school sessions, and most programming/events; additional hours for Facilities Staff when Guards are not feasible; and upgrades to our technology and facilities that help keep our campus secure.
We understand that we have a diverse community in many regards, including financial capacity. Please enter an amount that feels comfortable for you as your security fee. No judgments, no additional conversations required this year. If you choose to renew your membership next year, all 2nd year members have the option to choose adjusted dues, and we can revisit at that time if necessary.
Your first year membership dues are free, but based on the feedback of previous new members, we are suggesting a donation of $125/single membership and $250/family membership. Participation is completely optional.
Enter the amount you would like to donate on the line above.
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