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Kallah 2019

Please select the events you plan on attending at the Kallah Weekend. 
Enter the number of people who will attend each event.
   6:00 PM Whitman Dinner
   7:30 Kabbalat Shabbat Service and Oneg Shabbat
   9:00 AM Breakfast Nosh
   9:30 AM Saturday Morning PJTC Service
   9:30 AM Free Form/Meditation Shacharit
   9:30 AM LBSRS Shuffle Shacharit (LBSRS students K'tantanim - Kitah Zayin). Parents should attend the PJTC Saturday Morning Service
   10:00 AM Sing Along Shabbat (for families with young children who are not enrolled in LBSRS)
   11:00 AM Torah Service and Study Session (childcare avail, click below)
   11:00 -12:15 Childcare for Non-LBSRS Children
   12:30 PM Lunch (with optional discussion topics at some tables)
   1:30 PM Game Show!: Are You Smarter Than an LBSRS Student?

3:00 PM Breakout Study Groups: How do the three pillars inform your relationship with yourself, with others and with God?
   Group 1 - Led by Rabbinical Student Jill Gold Wright - Torah
   Group 2 - Led by Rabbi John Carrier - Avodah
   Group 3 - Led by Meditator Susan Auerbach - Gimilut Hasadim
   3:00 - 4:15 PM Childcare (during Breakout Study Groups)
   4:00 PM Afternoon Nosh
   4:15 PM Rabbi Ed Feinstein Session 1 - How to Wrestle With God and Win
   4:15 - 5:15 PM Childcare (during Rabbi Feinstein Session 1)
   5:30 PM Havdalah (full group comes together)
   5:35 PM USY/Kadima Go to Glowzone LA (waiver, $15 fee & advanced RSVP required)
   5:45 PM Dinner/Seudah Shlishit
   6:15 PM Rabbi Ed Feinstein Session 2 - The Secret to Jewish Immortality
   7:30 PM Bringing our learning back to our homes and communities (adults only)
   Cocktails (adults only)
   5:30 - 9:00 PM Childcare (during Havdalah & Feinstein Session 2 & Bringing our learning home)
   9PM closing circle- all youth return- opportunity for reflection and intention-setting
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Thu, December 3 2020 17 Kislev 5781