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Guardians Donation Page


The Guardians have helped support our Temple financially for over 50 years. A Guardian is any member who pledges $1,000 or more to the Temple General Fund, over and above their dues. Our dues do not come close to providing sufficient funds to keep PJTC a vibrant, welcoming Jewish home-away-from-home.  In order to maintain dues at an affordable level, we encourage additional giving by those who are able.

We recognize these generous and committed donors through our Guardians program.  Please consider joining many of your fellow members at one of the following levels, which represents their gifts over and above their dues payments.  Guardians are acknowledged for their contributions but most importantly, Guardians are proud of their role in helping sustain the financial viability of our Temple not just for the present but for the future as well. We are truly grateful for these vital additional commitments.

Guardian membership is open to any Temple member. Guardian membership is annual and is based on the Temple Fiscal Year (July 1 to June 30). To become a Guardian for the current fiscal year, please submit the pledge below (or submit your donation) to the Temple by 11/4/22. Note: pledges must be paid in full by the end of the Fiscal Year (June 30).

The Guardian giving levels are indicated below. The minimum pledge to become a Guardian is $1,000 (Donor level). Names of Guardians and their giving levels are memorialized on the Guardian plaque displayed in the Sanctuary, will be added to the Temple website, and you will be invited to all future Guardian events. Join us and you can also help plan future Guardian events! To have your name on the updated Guardian plaque, submit your pledge or donation by Friday 11/4/22. For more information please contact the office at 626-798-1161 or

(Looking to make a contribution to our Annual Appeal that is less than $1000? We are so grateful for your support in any amount! Click here to go to the Annual Appeal giving page.)

Receive two complimentary tickets to PJTC fundraising events; reserved parking space at HH and events; two reserved HH seats.
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