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Claire Gorfinkel


For most of Claire’s adult life she has been privileged to serve as a social change activist, working to end wars and the death penalty, and to support consumer rights, environmental justice, human rights and fair immigration policies. During much of that time she was employed as a fundraiser for a variety of organizations whose missions were aligned with her values. Claire enjoyed traveling to different cities to meet with donors, to update them on programs and thank them for their contributions.


Claire was given an ‘early retirement’ in 2001, which enabled her to pursue a variety of projects including fundraising consulting, volunteering with activist groups, book publishing and editing. During retirement, she also enjoyed quilting, camping and backpacking, working on summer trail-building crews in Yosemite, and - one of the most gratifying aspects throughout her adult life – being the mother of a very wise and talented daughter who is a medical doctor in Portland, Oregon.


In 2008 Claire’s life took a dramatic new direction when she decided to enroll at the Academy for Jewish Religion, to deepen her Jewish knowledge and receive training as a Chaplain. While her activist and political values remain unchanged, this endeavor shifted Claire’s focus much more onto individuals, particularly the elderly and those who are experiencing illness, the death of a loved one, or other stressful situations. Now, as PJTC's Chaplain, Claire is grateful to be a part of our community and to be present for our members in their time of need.

Sat, April 20 2024 12 Nisan 5784