LBSRS Teen Programs

Are you in 8th-12th grade?
Did you celebrate a Bar/Bat Mitzvah?

Do you have strong feelings about latkes and matzah balls?

If you answered yes to one of these questions, we might just have the right program for you…


Second Sundays at PJTC!

Come together one Sunday morning per month and take your learning to a new level.  What didn’t we teach you in LBSRS?  What does Judaism have to say about dating?  Who is Rashi, anyway?  All this and more!

Open to 8th-10th graders!  Registration for the year required.  

Registration will open on Wednesday 6/7.


Rosh Chodesh: It’s a Girl Thing! & Shevat Achim: The Brotherhood

New to PJTC!  Two gatherings a month:  one for girls and one for boys.  What does it mean to be a Jewish woman?  What does it mean to be a Jewish man?  Who do you really want to be?  A place for real talk, friendship, and community.  

Open to 8th and 9th graders.  We need at least 5 students in each group to have this run.  

Curious about this?  Join us for a taste of program on Wednesday 6/14!  More information to come!!

Registration for the year required.  

Registration will open on Wednesday 6/7.


We’ve got skills!

An occasional Sunday morning workshop bringing the skills you want to learn.  Learn to change the oil in a car.  Develop your knife skills.  Learn to read haftarah.  Create an elevator pitch for your new venture.  Balance your checkbook, write a budget, save some cash.  

Open to 8th-12th graders.


Coming soon…

information about our 11th and 12th grade programs and being a madrich / madricha (working in a classroom)


United Synagogue Youth (USY)

PJTC is proud to host an award-winning chapter of United Synagogue Youth.  USY is open to all Jewish 7th-12th graders!  Whether it be a sleepover in the Sukkah, making a music video, spending the day volunteering in the Pasadena community, going to a trampoline park, celebrating a Jewish holiday in an engaging new way, or playing frisbee until the stars come out, our local chapter has created a haven for any young Jew to come in and feel at home with both old friends & new.  Our Youth Director Melissa Levy is happy to answer any questions and can be reached at