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  • Wed

    Celebrate Israel: Dinner, Scouts, and Bonfire

    6:00 pmPJTC Lounge

    Screenshot 2016-05-19 20.28.43The Tzofim, the Israel Scouts Friendship Caravan, will be returning to PJTC for the sixth year in a row. They are a talented and energetic group of seventeen-year-old Israelis, one of several such troupes travelling across North America this summer as ambassadors of the State of Israel. The ten teenagers, five girls and five boys, come from all around Israel. Their families hail from many different backgrounds: Sephardic, Ashkenazi, Yemenite, and Ethiopian. Each one brings his or her life experiences to the Caravan. When they return to Israel in the fall, they’ll be entering their senior year in high school after which they’ll be joining the Israel Defense Forces.

    When the Scouts take the stage, with enthusiasm and joy, they’ll paint a picture of their homeland that is poignant and exuberant.

    It’s customary for the Scouts to be hosted by synagogue families for the evening after the performance. If you’d be interested in hosting a Scout or two, please contact me at or (818) 952-9521.