Elul Week 3: Mirrors All Around Us by Rabbi Becky Silverstein

We have asked you to stop and look in the mirror, to pause and reflect on who you see looking back at you. Yet mirrors also have the power to distort; anyone who has walked into a Fun House knows that. Mirrors of different heights and shapes, convex or concave — the image reflected back Read More

Elul Week 2 - “Man in the Mirror” by Rabbi Noam Raucher

While leading services I try to look up as much as possible between the siddur (prayerbook) and the congregation. I try to look at each person individually, which isn’t easy when there are a lot of us here. In an semi-organized way I look row by row, seat by seat. The first time I ever Read More

Elul Week 1 - Transformations 5777 Kavanah by Cantor Ruth Berman Harris

Dear PJTC Community,

Our prayer book, Machzor Lev Shalem, offers a poem by Chaim Stern that begins: “this Rosh Hashanah, each of us enters the sanctuary with a different need.” What a true statement about a congregation assembled together for prayer and community! And, isn’t this true for every year? Every Rosh HaShannah we gather Read More