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About Us

We are an open-minded, inclusive, and intergenerational Jewish community, working together to share and promote Jewish tradition and values in our lives, in our homes, in our community and in the world.  While our synagogue is affiliated with the Conservative movement, our members represent a wide variety of religious beliefs and practices within Judaism.  We welcome all who walk through our doors seeking a Jewish home to pray, to learn, to connect, and to celebrate with us.
  • Promote the soul’s search for a connection to God through contemporary and traditional prayer services enriched with joyous music and singing;
  • Ask hard questions about what it means to be a Jew in today’s world;
  • Provide a strong education for our children in Jewish tradition, culture, and Hebrew;
  • Explore new ways of thinking and practice while honoring tradition;
  • Welcome a diverse array of Jewish and interfaith families;
  • Engage our youth in building community, deepening Jewish identity, and building leadership skills;
  • Build life-long friendships in a safe and warm gathering place where members find support and shared learning;
  • Promote social justice in America and around the world;
  • Recognize a wide range of perspectives on how we as a community can best support Israel.
Mon, April 12 2021 30 Nisan 5781