Family Feud Family Info

1. Family name: The Johnskeys

Participants: Joe Johnson, Rebecca Johnson, Alexa Johnson, Jennifer DeBoskey, Rebekah DeBoskey

Charity: Chai Lifeline ( Chai Lifeline is dedicated to improving the lives of families who are dealing with pediatric loss, illness, or trauma. The charity "fights illness with love" through a number of programs supporting sick children as well as their families, including: wish fulfilment, financial assistance, counseling, hospital services, and camp. Each summer, 400 seriously ill children are treated to unforgettable, medically supervised overnight camp experiences at Camp Simcha, for children battling cancer and other hematological illnesses, and Camp Simcha Special, for children with debilitating chronic conditions. All of Chai Lifeline's services are free to the families. Its guiding principle is that children battling illness deserve to have fun, enjoy meaningful religious experiences, and be cared for by supported family members.  

2. The Culverberger families

Participants:Julie Culver, Zacky Culver, Neil Weinberger, Charlie Weinberger, Bryce Weinberger

Our charity of choice is The Midnight Mission in Downtown Los Angeles. This was one of the charities we supported in last year's Gimmel class mitzvah projects. We toured the Midnight Mission, where hundreds of homeless people are fed each day. We learned how the Midnight Mission has a program to help homeless people improve their lives, get healthy, get a job and get off the streets. We chose Midnight Mission because this organization not only helps people - it helps people help themselves.

3. The Karish Family

Participants: Marc, Haley, Michael, Ben, Kate

When we asked the kids who they wanted to play for, all of them said "Children's Hospital". So we are fundraising for Children's Hospital Los Angeles ("CHLA"). This amazing hospital is dear to us because Kate has been a patient there since she was diagnosed with diabetes in 2010. She has received great care from not only outstanding doctors, but also dedicated and knowledgeable nurses. By walking all the way through the first floor of the hospital to get to the right escalators to reach endocrinology, we pass a multitude of families and departments, enabling us to see, first-hand, how much CHLA does. CHLA is also dear to us because Kate has a friend who has been living there since October and will stay there until he gets a new heart. So we want to raise funds for the life-saving care and research CHLA provides.

4. The "Lujans have a Chance" Family

Participants: Karen Lujan, Fil Lujan, Gabe Lujan, Nate Lujan, Chance Morrow

Charity: Hope for Paws ( Its purpose is to rescue dogs and all other animals who are suffering on the streets and in the shelters. Our goal is to educate people on the importance of companion animals in our society. It is part of Nathan's Mitzvah project to help raise money for animals in need and to assist in helping get them adopted to good homes. This non-profit is one that really spoke to Nathan and he wants to help support. The charity website has many videos online on dogs they helped rescue and how they are going after getting some much needed assistance.

5. The Sharpburg Family

Participants: Stacey Sharp, Todd Sharp, Ethan Sharp, Ryan Sharp, Noah Kronsburg

The Sharp Family along with the one and only Noah Kronsburg are playing the Feud to benefit "Jewish Rock Radio."

JRR was founded in 2009 by Jewish musical pioneer, Rick Recht. JRR serves as a powerful platform, exposing the wealth of cool engagement opportunities available in the Jewish world for teens and young adults. JRR is a high-caliber, 24-7, Jewish rock internet radio station. JRR broadcasts contemporary Jewish rock music, as well as interviews featuring youth from communities around the country speaking about their exciting experiences from engaging in Jewish life. Building on Jewish Rock Radio’s powerful foundation, JRR is launching a major national initiative in 2016, the JRR Gift of Music, to distribute free Jewish rock music to hundreds of thousands of teens and young adults throughout North America. For more information, check out their website at:

6. The Vaderwitz Family

Participants: Sondra Dreshner, Edie Taylor, Jenni Leonard, Grace Leonard, Lucie Nortman

Charity: Jewish World Watch. JWW works to end genocide and mass atrocities worldwide especially in the conflict areas of Sudan, South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo by educating and mobilizing individuals, advocating for policy changes and funding projects to support and build resilience in conflict- affected communities. JWW envisions a world that does not stand idly by while civilian populations are being attacked simply because of who they are.