Monthly Archives: January 2016

Into the Day

Today the USY spent the entire day giving back and learning more about our community. Nightlights included: Picking fruit with Fruit Forward (donated to the Union Homeless Shelter). Making cat beds for the Pasadena Humane Society. Visiting the Museum of Tolerance. Helping clean and entertain the residents of the local Ronald McDonald House. Eating ice cream (let's call it "frequenting a local small business" Helping the PJTC Membership Assistance Committee make cards for congregants in mourning. 12507247_10206944553085292_3441814490294782608_n 12508702_10206944812571779_4898282283183761429_n 12509207_10207065720294260_2834881208363917041_n 12541109_10206942824282073_5338427615447745421_n 12548961_10206944549085192_3584113827154894452_n 12549038_10206944816771884_7420512149765588986_n 12549087_10206942825402101_190341496360183483_n 12565576_10206943572780785_5491637174873592311_n 12573854_10206944552365274_2066125532121501896_n